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Taxes can be complicated. More often than not, taxpayers end up feeling stuck and confused. While it is reasonable to seek the help of a tax resolution firm, it can’t be denied that the tax resolution industry itself has an inherent conflict of interest with its clients. Just like the healthcare industry, where hospitals get richer the more often a patient needs treatment, tax resolution firms also make more money the more times a taxpayer has a lien or tax problem in need of resolution.


At Traxion Tax, Ltd we know this isn’t aligned with the best interest of our clients, especially entrepreneurs. When it comes to fixing tax problems, helping businesses thrive should be the goal. And that is why here at Traxion Tax, Ltd we are passionate about resolving tax issues as quickly and efficiently as possible – so that entrepreneurs do not just survive but succeed.

Our team doesn’t only solve existing tax problems today, but we also help clients identify and resolve the root issues that have caused them. As experienced tax lawyers, entrepreneurs, enrolled agents, and business consultants who have founded, bought, built, grown, struggled, and thrived in business, we are committed to finding the best resolution option for our clients’ taxes – even helping them develop a plan to thrive in business and build a successful business for the long-term.


"Thanks to Traxion my stress level has depleted. They work hard and get results. Thanks."

Tim S.

"Great honest service; felt like a person – not a profit center."

Brian C.

"Very helpful, considerate staff. Helped me with all my tax problems. Thank you all again. I feel like I have a new life. You’re the best."

George K.


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