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Lien Releases and Subordinations

The taxing authorities will secure their interests by filing liens against you and your assets, even if the liability figures are incorrect. Liens can severely hinder a business’ ability to operate, especially when attempting to secure credit lines or loans. Individuals are equally as handicapped.

Often these liens don’t have to prevent you from being able to pursue the financial help you need to keep your business operating or taking care of your family. The associates of Traxion Tax, Ltd are well versed in plausible scenarios that might allow for a subordination of your current tax liens and give you options that are currently available.

In addition, you may have tax liens on your account that should have been released but are still showing as valid. If this is the case, Traxion Tax, Ltd can work quickly and effectively to secure the proper documentation needed to ensure that inactive liens are not holding you back.

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