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Tax Preparation


Traxion Tax, Ltd offers income tax preparation services for individuals, families, and small businesses. Whether you are self-employed or if you are a wage-earning employee, it can be difficult to decipher the ever-changing federal and state tax rules. Our objective is to bring clarity to these rules as they apply to your specific tax situation and make filing your taxes each year as simple as possible.

If you have an open collection case with the IRS or State taxing authorities for outstanding tax liabilities, compliance is a high priority, and you will be required to file any outstanding tax returns before entering into a repayment agreement or other resolution. Our tax preparation team works together with our Enrolled Agents to make sure you are on track for success.



Each person who earns income in the United States and Puerto Rico is subject to federal income tax. Most states also collect income tax except for Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. An income tax return is filed each year to report taxable earnings and any tax due. Our team is up to date on current tax provisions, and we can offer informed guidance as you navigate life’s financial milestones.



Self-employed individuals are allowed to deduct business related expenses from their taxable income, thus lowering their overall tax due. Traxion’s tax preparation team will help you find the deductible expenses for your business and guide you through the filing process. We make it easy, so you can focus on your business.



Traxion’s team prepares income tax returns for LLCs, Partnerships and S-Corporations. We aim to help you understand your business’ filing requirements so that you can effectively plan throughout the year.


Past-Due Tax Returns

Failure to file tax returns could result in penalties, interest, and even estimated balances prepared by the tax authorities. If you have fallen behind with filing your individual and/or business taxes, contact us to see how we can help you get back on track.



Our payroll specialist will help you understand the tax requirements for your business and how to fulfill your filing obligations.


One of the most vital operations of a business is recordkeeping. Our team of bookkeepers works with you to understand your business and prepare the financial statements you will need to file your tax returns each year.


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    We are a team of dedicated tax professionals that believe you come first, you deserve the best outcome, and you deserve direct, clear, and reliable communication. There is an inherent conflict in the tax resolution industry. Just like in healthcare, where hospitals make more money the longer you are sick. However, wellness focused companies are more successful by helping you achieve and maintain physical health and wellness. At Traxion, we want you to achieve and maintain tax and financial wellness personally and in your business.

    Together we can move from Tax Resolution to Business Resolution. Don’t get stuck, get Traxion!