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Regaining Peace of Mind after Dealing with the IRS: Greg’s Story

Customer: Greg L.

Tax Issue: Delinquent IRS Tax Filings

Traxion Tax Representative: Michael S.

Current Status: RESOLVED


Falling into arrears with the IRS is something that typically happens while life is happening, with all its obligations, responsibilities, and pressures. 


For Greg, a significant brain injury was the life event that derailed his focus on keeping current with his tax filings. After his recovery, it was time to reconcile with the IRS, but by then, his tax bill had grown to a staggering $200,000. 


Greg felt hopeless, worried, and desperate. This is his story. 


Stormclouds Gathering

Dealing with a life-altering brain injury is stressful enough. In Greg’s case, the struggle took two years of his life, and it didn’t end when he was able to return to his job as an attorney. 


“In 2014 and 2015, I wasn’t even in a state where I could recognize that I needed to file taxes. I missed both filing deadlines, and the interest and penalties began accumulating immediately.”


Greg received his first letter from the IRS notifying him of his tax delinquency. He knew he needed to take action, but the first step wasn’t obvious. The tax bill Greg was facing was nearing a quarter million dollars, and it was only a matter of time before the IRS began garnishing his wages, filing liens and levies, and taking more aggressive steps to recover the debt Greg owed. 


“When I got back to working full-time, I was in my car a lot. One day while driving, I heard a radio ad for a tax resolution company. I distinctly remember pulling into a convenience store parking lot and making that call. 


After having a negative experience with that company, I finally found Traxion Tax, who treated me like a person instead of a paycheck. They started working hard for me from day 1.”


Greg’s tax situation wasn’t going to be fixed overnight, but the important thing was that he now had help. 


Real help. 


Mission: Tax Penalties Abatement

Greg’s financial situation, tax records, and standing with the IRS did not qualify him for any of the ‘first resort’ relief programs we always want to try first. Greg’s Traxion Tax representative, Michael Saucedo, recalls exploring Greg’s options: 


“We knew we had to try to get Greg some relief against his total tax liability, as his life situation was uncommon. When we learned that he didn’t qualify for outright relief of his 2014 and 2015 taxes, our next step was to focus on the penalties that he racked up. If we could get approved for an abatement, his overall tax burden would be significantly reduced.”


This wouldn’t be easy, as it required direct representation with the IRS through an Enrolled Agent on the Traxion Tax side. A tax penalty abatement would be awarded only after a hearing was held, during which Traxion Tax would have to provide detailed documentation illustrating Greg’s extenuating circumstances in dealing with his back taxes. 


During this time, the biggest benefit for Greg was having the confidence that an expert was working on his behalf. He knew that Michael was working hard to advocate for him, keep all of the balls in the air, and communicate with him as the situation evolved. 


“I was terrified that I would lose control of this,” Greg says, “it was such a relief to be getting updates and communication about my case on a regular basis, so I didn’t have to wonder what trap I might fall into next.”


Rounding the Corner to Resolution

Greg had more to lose than just his financial solvency. His reputation was at risk, and if he wanted to practice law in other states, he would have to resolve his tax debt and finally put an end to this chapter of his life. 


Knowing what his options were and what the IRS would allow were key. 


“What helped the most was Michael’s direct, factual communication about what I owed. He didn’t sugarcoat anything, and he laid it all out on the table for me. 


Even though we had won a one-time penalty abatement, I still owed a lot of money. But, with Michael’s help, the burden seemed manageable, and I had a path forward. It was very liberating.”


It was also the human component of dealing with Traxion Tax that gave Greg the reassurance he needed. 


“Michael was very compassionate. He explained that he had seen situations like mine before, and he assured me that he could help. I can’t tell you how good it felt to hear that.”


Today, Greg is beyond his tax problems. He was able to fully resolve his tax bill with the IRS and return to good standing, which has allowed him to pursue opportunities in his career that would have otherwise been in question. 


The entire journey took about three years. Now, however, Greg looks back on the experience with gratitude for the professionalism and expertise provided by the Traxion Tax team. 


“This was not the kind of problem I could have ever handled on my own. No way. Throughout my dealing with Traxion Tax, the open communication and responsiveness was consistent. I always knew where I stood, and I knew what it would take to get out of this mess. 


The day finally came when I received a letter from the IRS showing zeros on all my balances…it was surreal. I was done. I was finally done. I’m just so relieved.”


Schedule Your Assessment Now

Situations like Greg’s require diligence, patience, and planning to completely resolve. 


Even if you don’t owe $200,000 like he did (or if you owe more), you owe it to yourself to work with knowledgeable tax resolution professionals who can make sense of your options and guide you on a path to complete resolution. 


Schedule a call with Traxion Tax today. Learn more about the programs and services available to you so you don’t have to spend another day worrying about your tax problem. 


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