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Managing a High-Stakes Tax Problem: Sue’s Story

Customer: Sue H.

Tax Issue: Extensive unpaid tax bill

Traxion Tax Representative: Levi S.

Current Status: RESOLVED


Our customers’ tax situations are as unique as each person dealing with them. Every time we sit down to understand the story so far, we uncover a tapestry of events and factors that takes time to untangle. 


Not everyone’s tax problem is complicated, but for Sue H., the complexity became so overwhelming that her quality of life was being affected. 


She worried about how she was going to get to the bottom of it all, and she knew she couldn’t do it alone.


In her own words,


“It got so bad that I was losing sleep. I knew I had to take action, but I had kept putting it off for so long that I was afraid to confront the chaos…but eventually, enough was enough. I needed my life back again. So, after seeing an ad for Traxion on Facebook, I decided to give them a call.”


Dealing with Deadlines

What made Sue’s situation so pressing was that she had been assigned a deadline to pay her tax bill in full, or there would be potentially irreversible consequences. 


Sue says,


“I came to Traxion Tax with a time-sensitive tax issue that needed immediate attention; I didn’t have the luxury of waiting any longer. When I spoke with Levi, he shared his experience working on cases like mine, which gave me confidence I sorely needed to feel in control of my situation.


From our first conversation I knew I made the right choice. The relief I felt started right away.” 


Gathering the details about what exactly Sue owed and to whom took some time, but with Levi’s guidance and knowledge, a plan was put in place for solving Sue’s back tax problem. 


Levi recalls his interactions both with Sue and other members of the Traxion Tax team. 


“Sue’s story really stands out to me because of just how gratifying it was to be able to help someone feeling so defeated by their tax situation. She didn’t think she had any options available to her, when in reality, there were a few different ways to get her out of trouble with the IRS. 


I collaborated with our team to develop a plan for Sue, then presented her with our recommendations. We were going to be able to help her regardless of what she chose to do, and for her, knowing we were in her corner was incredibly comforting.”


The Final Outcome

Even though we technically provide tax resolution services, at the end of the day, what we’re giving our customers is peace of mind. 


In Sue’s case, her back tax problem was made manageable with Levi’s help, and over time, she was able to regain good standing with the IRS. 


The threatening letters stopped. The looming deadlines vanished. The stress went away, and Sue was able to enjoy restful sleep without the specter of tax trouble burdening her. 


“I am just so grateful I made the call to Traxion Tax. I know now that there’s no way I could have solved my tax problem without their help, and I recommend Traxion Tax to anyone who has a complex tax problem. My advice is to not wait a day longer, take action now, and call Traxion Tax. You’ll be so glad you did. I am!”

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